Spike Pro USB Lamp

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Too bright, too dull, too much glare – lighting (alongside air conditioning) is often one of the most contentious factors in a workplace. Office teammates need illumination to read, write, type and interact. Yet many workplaces get it wrong and fail to consider the downsides of poor lighting.

Task ambient lighting (aka dual source lighting) is the solution. It’s not just adding an adjustable task light, it also reduces the overhead lighting to lower levels.

Our USB LED Desk Lamp delivers a bright high quality task light to your workspace. Maximizing your productivity and enhancing your mood. It doubles as a great light source specifically designed to enhance your appearance on Video Calls & Live Broadcasts. Exceptional colour accuracy (CRI › 90%) and a colour temperature of 4000 Kelvin make for an incredibly soft bright light.

Added benefits include Unique Ring design and Low power consumption. With no UV Emissions, this Task Light is the perfect Home/Office Lamp.

Dual source lighting concept:

  • Reduce ambient lighting.
  • Resulting in up to 40% energy saving.
Single Light Source img img

Single light source

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Dual light source

Importance of dual source lighting location:

  • Eliminates reflective glare from lamp.
Single Light Source img img

Reflective glare

Spike On Desk LED Light with power supply img

Reflective glare avoided


  • USB Power source min. requirement: 5V 2A
  • Lamp height: 410mm
  • LED Power: 10 Watt
  • LED Colour Temperature: 4000K 400LM
  • LED Colour Rendering Index: ›90 CRI
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Standard Body Colours:

Spike Pro USB Light White Option img


Spike Pro USB Light Black Option img


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