USB Chargers

USB and QI Chargers for the most demanding applications.

MicroDot QI Chargers img

MicroDot Wireless QI Charger

Direct mains powered with 10 Watt charging power.

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QI Desktop Charger img

QI Desktop Charger

Foldable QI Charger with 10 Watt charging power.

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USB charger for couch img

CouchPotato Range

A stylish extension cord accessory for charging your electronics, ideal for soft seating office spaces.

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USB A and C Charger 15W img

USB-C+A 15W Charger

D4 fast charging compact dual USB A + USB Type-C 15W charger.

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USB-A 18W Charger Module img

USB-A 18W QC Charger

D4 High specification 18W conditioning charger.

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USB C 20W PD Charger img

USB-C 20W PD Charger

Ideal solution for smaller mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

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USB C and A 60W Power Delivery img

USB-C+A 60W PD Charger

Ideal solution for small to medium sized devices as well as higher-powered notebooks.

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