Cable Management

Vertical Cable Duct (825H)

Small Cable Holder img
  • 855mm long cable duct with 2 separate cable ways.
  • One for power and one for data.
  • Sturdy metal base plate.

Horizontal Cable Runway

Small Cable Holder img
  • 1 Meter wire cable tray
  • Cable exit points every 50mm
  • Supplied standard with 1 pair of special hanging brackets
  • These allow unclipping from one side to access the plugs easily

Cable Clip

Cable clips img
  • 250mm wide twin arm cable cleat.
  • One side for power and one side for data.
  • Recommend mounting first and last clip 100mm from edge of the desk and then every 350mm.

Braided Cable Wrap

Braided Cable Sleeve img
  • Flexible material with zip.
  • Length: 650mm.

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