QI - Wireless Charging MicroDot

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Cut-out size ø 58mm. Max. top thickness 35mm.

Wireless charging technology had a slow start with various rival technologies competing.

With the advent of Apple recently selecting the Qi (pronounced “chee”) for its iPhones it is expected to accelerate the roll-out of wireless charging.

Qi is similar to how a wireless electric toothbrush recharges.

Initially only 2,5 Watt charging were allowed for a relatively slow charge but now 5 Watt and even 10 Watt systems are comparable to wired charges.

Wireless charging is set to take over from wired charging with efficiencies of up 85% already commonplace.


  • Direct mains powered 220 VAC
  • 10 Watt
  • QI Compatible
  • Available in Black or White
  • Available with direct wired or daisy chain connection
  • Foreign Object Detect (FOD) - Safety system to protect charger with automatic recovers after 2 min. when object has been removed
  • Dynamic Power Lock (DPL) - Safety system to shut down when power input below minimum level
  • LED status
    - LEDs OFF – system in Standby mode
    - Blue LED ON when power is being transferred and DPL latched
    - Red LED ON when DPL not latching
    - Red LED FLASHING FOD triggered
QI Wireless MicroDot Charger img

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