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About Design4

D4 is a brand of Design 4 Technologies (Pty) Ltd, which was established in 2010. D4 leads the industry with approval by the South African National Regulator of Compulsory Standards (NRCS)

D4 specializes in customised electrical furniture, bringing electrical and data services to your desk. D4’s furniture integration solutions are both stylish and functional. Our fully customised products are ready for installation within 10 working days.

All product ranges are manufactured from high grade anodised aluminium, designed with emphasis on aesthetics and compactness. Metallic housings give the units a robust durability.

All products are designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Patents pending.

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Desk Power Solutions

Electrical furniture specialists. Integrating technology into furniture with elegantly functional solutions

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On Desk Solutions

With the advent of 'hot desking', laptops and smart phones, access to electrical fittings and data services on top of the desk is becoming a requirement.

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In Desk Solutions

Solutions offer easy access with low profile or fold-away outlets that are unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing.

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Under Desk Solutions

Ideal for applications such as call centres or where the CPU is installed under the desk.

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Customised Power Socket Modules


Modular Design

The Modular Design of the D4 range is fully customizable. With 9 different power outlet configurations and 7 different data/auxiliary outlet options. The integrated solutions can be re-arranged and adapted to suit specific requirements.


Design 4 offers furniture manufacturers the opportunity to design a specific once off custom solution for full integration into their desking ranges.

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Trackable Serial Number

Every D4 Power set has a unique trackable serial number for trace-ability.

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One Year Warranty

D-4 offers a 1 year manufacturers "carry-in" warranty on all powersets and cables. In addition a extend "on-site" warranty to 3 years is offered on projects where D4 does the installation.
(Conditions apply - Policy document available on request)

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Future Proof

D4 offers a Future Proof option on projects where Power sets can be returned and recycled from the old RSA plug standards into the new Compact RSA plug standard
(Small re-cycling fee applies)

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