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Our latest innovations.

Dot Range In Desk Power Outlet img

Dot Range

The Dot is a complimentary addition to any workstation customised to your choice. Fits standard 80 mm grommet hole with a quick and easy installation.

USB-C Power Delivery Module img

USB-C 60W Power Delivery Module

This innovative charging technology charges any electronic device without an external power supply unit, while doing so quickly and safely.

MicroDot In Desk Power Outlet img


Sleek, minimalist design adds a stylish touch to any professional environment.

Spike Range In Desk Power Outlet img

Spike Range

D4 SPIKE Range brings two key elements to desktop ergonomics. A source of power and light in a single stylish unit.

CouchPotato High Speed USB Chargers img


A stylish extensions cord accessory for charging your electronics, ideal for soft seating office spaces.

QI Wireless Charging img

QI - Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is set to take over from wired charging with efficiencies of up 85% already commonplace.

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